The demand for medical services in Kowloon East is steadily increasing. United Christian Hospital is in need of further enhancements in terms of space and service capacity to meet the demands and align with current service standards and future service requirements. Therefore, the Hospital is undertaking an expansion project to improve and upgrade its facilities, thereby increasing its service capacity.
The entire expansion project will increase the total floor area of the Hospital to approximately 320,000 square meters, which is 2.5 times the current size.

Service Enhancements – C A R E

The four major directions of the expansion project of the Hospital can be represented by the acronym "CARE."


Comprehensive Cancer service


Coordinated multi-disciplinary Ambulatory services to enhance Specialist Out-patient and Day services


Coordinated Rehabilitation service within Kowloon East Cluster to enhance continuity of care


Streamlined Emergency services to provide timely, coordinated and right care to right patient
Upon completion, the Hospital will have increased space and upgraded facilities to improve, expand and rationalize the clinical services. More importantly, the Hospital will develop an Oncology Centre to provide one-stop services including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and psycho-social care to cancer patients in the districts.

Design Features

Twin Tower Design

The design of the new ambulatory block adopted a twin-tower approach to maintain major view corridors and breezeways at the upper levels, which will significantly enhance the visual permeability.

Hospital Street

Hospital Street is a pedestrian bridge that connects different hospital buildings, providing convenience for hospital staff and easy access for patients and visitors.

Sky Garden

Located on the 8th floor platform of the North and South towers of the new ambulatory block. The Sky Garden showcases a diverse array of tree species, floral arrangements, culminating in the creation of a verdant and ecologically-rich environment.

Rehabilitation Garden

Equipped with rehabilitation facilities for patients. This garden aids in patient’s recovery and provides a green environment for better mental health.

Platform Garden

This garden includes seating areas for the public to take a break and rest.

Aerial UCH

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