United Christian Hospital
Community Involvement and Volunteer Services Department (CIVSD)
Medical Social Collaborative Projects – Post-discharged Patient Care

Since there are many patients who have encountered many difficulties in the daily lives after discharge from the hospital, this obviously affects their rehabilitation and reintegration to the community.
To fill the service gap by providing immediate and appropriate support to those patients, CIVSD has launched out various support programmes for post-discharged patients since 2005.  Through mobilising the synergy from hospital professionals, volunteers, district social services agencies, residents’ organisations and churches in the programme, the needs of singleton / doubletons elders and discharged patients in special needs can be satisfied.  In fact, this programme aims at encouraging local community organisations’ participation to support the discharged patients in providing them with transitional community care and building up a caring and harmonious community.  
Nowadays, the programme is still implementing effectively under a new mode of operation in supporting different patients in need.  Here below are the highlights of the programme:

Post-discharged Patient Care Project for Kwun Tong Community

The project was launched out in 2005 for the purpose of empowering discharged patients to face the challenge of sickness positively, to get accustomed to the new life after discharge from hospital, and to make use of community resources & support, various assistances including home visit, emotional and emergency support were provided by CIVSD social workers and trained community volunteers.
Connect with local organisations to promote patient support services in the community
Electrical appliance maintenance service provided by professional licensed volunteer 
Recognised by HA and awarded as "HA Outstanding Team Award in 2007" Winner
HCE visit discharged patient with youth volunteers 

Post-Discharge Patient Programme

Since 2013, CIVSD has been working hands in hands with Community Nursing Service (CNS) to support the elderly who are elderly couples or living alone with poor social support by launching "Post-Discharge Patient Programme". Nearly 100 trained community volunteers who are matched with their residential areas, provide various support, such as basic health monitoring, peer neighbor support and psychosocial support, to the target elderly.  Also, a comprehensive booklet – "My-Health Passport" is designed for effective communication between community nurses, CIVSD social workers and community volunteers in order to reduce patients' unplanned re-admission and to enhance the quality of life.  Volunteers would consult social workers and community nurses about patients' psychosocial and health problems for timely interventions and appropriate follow up action.
Facilitate patients and volunteers to make use of community resources to obtain support
Working hands in hands with CNS to support the elderly in need in the community
Working hands in hands with CNS to support the elderly in need in the community

Volunteer-led Home-based Cognitively Active Lifestyle Programme

Volunteer-led Home-based Cognitively Active Lifestyle Programme (V_CAL@HOME) is a pilot project launched in 2015 as a continuity of the cognitive rehabilitation programme in the community provided by OT of ICDS, social worker of CIVSD and community volunteers at patient’s home environment.
Enhance patients' community rehabilitation with Occupational Therapists' and volunteers' support
Completed the training and get ready to serve!

The programme targets those vulnerable patients with mild/moderate dementia, cognitive impairments, poor social support that they are not feasible to attend out-patient cognitive rehabilitation training.  Trained volunteers offer up to 3 months' weekly home visits to facilitate the development of a cognitively active lifestyle through providing cognitive stimulating games and other mind-body activities.  Relevant community support and resources are also connected to the patients.
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