Words of Chief Chaplain

United Christian Hospital (UCH) was established in 1973. It is an acute hospital which provides nearly 1,600 beds. The number of beds would reach up to 2,000 after the UCH Expansion Project. By the objective “With Christian Love. WE CARE. With Excellence. WE SERVE” and through the emphasis of community oriented service, UCH aims to provide holistic medical services to Kowloon East Society. Chaplaincy services had been planned since the opening of UCH and the first-ever UCH chaplain served from 1977 onward.
UCH Chaplaincy’s objective is to provide caring service to those in difficulty and strengthen them with the love of God to overcome challenges.
Chaplaincy provides spiritual support to patients, families and colleagues in both inpatient and outpatient, at the same time collaborating with Partnering Church in the district, as well as developing visitation volunteers to serve. Recently, we have commenced a “One-year Chaplain Internship Program” with a view to establish the next generation of spiritual care workers in the city.
Rev Simon TSE Yiu Yeung
Honorary Chief Chaplain
United Christian Medical Service

Team Member List

Chief Chaplain Rev Simon TSE Yiu Yeung
Senior Chaplain KWOK Ching Han
CHAN Miu Ling
Chaplain LAI Yin Ping
CHENG Sze Chit
WU Kejia
Wong Kwok On
Esther Wong
Chaplain (Part Time) CHAN Lai Kwan
TANG Fung Ling
Chaplain Trainee CHEUNG Yee Ki      
JIM Yuet Sze    
Catholic Pastoral Care Worker  Justin KWONG Hok Chun
Monica CHAN Lin Kiu
Rev HOANG Van Hien
Administrative Officer Judy LIM Mei Sze
Executive Assistant Macy WONG Mei Sze

Scope of Service

The core service of Chaplaincy is to provide bedside spiritual support to patients and their families. Besides, as a chaplain in a parish, we do care for the medical team and cultivate value of Christian care and Faith. We collaborate with various specialty teams in terms of spiritual care in order to achieve the universal holistic health care belief. Partnering with local Church and Volunteer is one of our mission too. Gradually, we will let the society see the glory and love of God in the midst of medical organization. 
Apart from regular spiritual care visitation, we try to uplift every individual chaplain in specialty practicing. Some tailor-made services for different specialty will be implemented. Below is the existing specialty service by responsible chaplain:


Chaplaincy has been working closely for years with the Pediatric team for providing spiritual care and supporting services to newborn babies, children, adolescents (0-18 years old), as well as their parents and family over difficult moments and challenges. We regularly care for the baby and children admitted into pediatric intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit. For wellness of inmate, some evangelical activity will be co-organized with the Nursing Christian Fellowship. 
A drastic increase of service demand in 2024 is expected with the opening of the Pediatric Day Centre after the completion of the UCH expansion project. Recently, Chaplaincy has joined into the case conference session with various disciplinary force of the team for some Palliative Care cases.

Medical and Geriatric - Palliative Care Unit

Family-oriented spiritual care is the key approach in this specialty. We provide daily visitation and caring program for the needy community. At the same time, Chaplain in charge join into the case conference meeting with various disciplinary force for every individual inpatient progress in weekly base for the best of service concerned. 
Meanwhile, we have established a chaplaincy palliative care volunteer team. Chaplain serves inside the hospital while those volunteer will be the best assistance as well as a role into the community. This is a very crucial bridge to continue the caring effort either by the volunteer or by local churches in the latest stage of those patients. With Faith and various spiritual resources, chaplaincy wish those parties experiencing transformation in peace, love and hope.


Over the years, chaplaincy has committed to serve a marginalized group in the society– the mentally and emotionally illness patient. As a folk suffered from emotional disorder, they cannot connect with their families and society healthily, resulting in a long-term "alienation". With the love of God, Chaplain provides spiritual and emotion support to these patients during their treatment or recovery stage by setting up hymn groups in wards, rehabilitation activity either in day hospital or Yung Fung Shee GOPC, etc.
Recently, Chaplaincy collaborated with the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Centre (CAMHC) and Healthcare Resource Centre (HRC) to develop a parental supporting group for their group mutual collaboration as well as marital support and ventilation. Through Christian Faith, chaplain wishes to build up positive self-image, meaning of life, and re-establish the comrade partnership of couples.


The number of cancer diagnose is increasing every year in Hong Kong. Oncology patients usually go through some stressful spiritual stages: denial, anger, bargaining, and depression until acceptance. Chaplain cares about patients’ various emotions triggered from their illnesses, so as to relieve their negative feelings; lets them experience the real peace and hope through the promises through reading the bible and singing hymns. It is a long journey for oncology patient on treatment and recovery, and Chaplain serves as a companion along the way to support in terms of relief and ventilation for both patients and family. Ward visitation, coordinate mutual supporting group, Faith strengthening group are the way to go.

Obstetrics and Gynecological

Each birth of a child brings great joy to a family, at the same time a lot of adaptation. By gifting each family a Baby Bible and prayers, Chaplain delivers caring session with love before those mothers discharge from hospital. 
Besides, Chaplain provides bereavement service and caring to patients (and their families too) with gynecological diseases and miscarriage tragic. Collaborating with medical staffs, the team provides supporting group to the couples undergo different abortion. Companionship is the best healing process during these critical moment. After all, chaplaincy will arrange memorial prayer service for the dead fetus or still born baby in order for the family to walk through the grief valley.

Surgical Preoperative Prayer Service

Every day there is a long queue of beds in the operating room of the hospital ready to be admitted into the operation theatre. The waiting time of such varies. Many patients experience fear and worry where there may be life threatening and loss of limbs or parts. 
All these preoperative emotions have a great need to be understood and cared for. Hence, Chaplain provides timely spiritual care to prepare the hearts of those surgical patients. Spiritual care helps patients decrease their anxiety, increase their hope for the future, and most importantly experiencing comfort and encouragement from the great healer Jesus Christ Himself.

Activities  (in Cantonese only)

Activities Dates Time
Nursing Christian Fellowship (NCF) Every Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm
Online Chaplaincy Prayer Session Every Wednesday  
Yung Fung Shee GOPC Cell Group Every Wednesday 11:00-11:45am
Psychiatric Day Hospital Cell Group Every Thursday 2:00-3:00pm
Psychiatric Hymn Group Every Thursday 3:45-4:30pm
Psychiatric Parent Support Group Every Saturday Afternoon
Nursing CT Support Group Monthly Afternoon
Support Group for Abortion Quarterly 3:30-4:30pm
Oncological Cell Group Quarterly 3:30-5:30pm
Prayer Meeting  Forth Saturday of Month  8:00-9:00am
Pathology Staff Cell Group Aperiodically  
Staff Fellowship Aperiodically  
Bedside Evangelism (organized by NCF) Aperiodically  
Pediatric Evangelical Meeting (organized by NCF) Aperiodically  

Seasonal Activities

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Join Us

Partnership Church (In Cantonese Only)

There are about 120 churches in Kowloon East. Under the Partnership Church Program, Chaplaincy and churches could join hands to provide spiritual care to both in-patient, out-patient and their families, which includes urgent baptism for in-patient, out-patient caring, volunteer training, seasonal activities and support and so. With such collaboration, we hope to bless the spiritual lives of the community. 
Participating church have to fulfil minimum two of the requirements as below:
  1. Serve as Partnership Pastor
  2. Send forth Volunteer Chaplain
  3. Support with Regular Donation

According to the record in 2022, 23 churches joined the Partnership Church Program, involving 61 partnership pastors, 1 volunteer chaplains and 54 volunteers, and 14 churches support with regular donation.
Application Form

Volunteer (In Cantonese Only)

After completing the core training organized by Chaplaincy and HRC, volunteer will visit the ward on regular basis to listen and provide spiritual care to patient, as well as to be with them when facing emotional and spiritual difficulties, with the love of God.
Chaplaincy disciples volunteer in fellowship, which includes group gathering, training, retreat, seasonal serving and so, in order to provide a platform for them to learn and grow together outside wards. The “Volunteer Newsletter” are dispatched quarterly to volunteer to enhance communication and keep them updated with the news of Chaplaincy and Volunteer Fellowship.
Chaplaincy organised the “Volunteer Training Course” to promote patient care and coordinate volunteer ward visitation. it is aimed to equipped christian to participate in hospital care service. 2023 Volunteer Training Coursed commenced in August, training topics includes understanding the ministry of UCH Chaplaincy, Whole person needs of patients and their families, Spiritual Care and resources, Hospital visitation technique, and faith reflection of facing lost and suffer. Through practicum and case study, volunteers would learn more about the communication skills with patients and their families.

One-year Hospital Chaplain Trainee Program (in Cantonese only)

There are about 100 full-time chaplains in Hong Kong. According to the statistics in 2019, the Hospital Authority provides 28,000 hospital beds and hires about 79,000 staff. Seeing the great proportion disparity between chaplain and patients, Chaplaincy has been putting in effort to build up the next generation. the "One-year Hospital Chaplain Trainee" program allows the pastor or pastor-to-be as chaplains, without the prerequisite requirement of chaplain experience or CPE training, to participate in a year of chaplain service with senior chaplains as supervisors.


By Cheque:
  • Crossed-cheque made payable to "United Christian Medical Service" and send directly to Chaplaincy, G Floor, Block P, 130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Please state "donation to Chaplaincy" and donor's name at the back of the cheque, and provide postal address for issuing the official receipt.
  • Only Hong Kong Dollar cheque issued by Hong Kong registered banks accepted.
Deposit/Transfer to our bank account: 
  • Our account no: HSBC 004-030-024301-002
  • Please mail us the original bank-in slip to Chaplaincy, G Floor, Block P, 130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, or email us the scanned copy to uch@hospitalchap.org.hk, indicating "Donation to Chaplaincy" with donor's name and postal address for records and issuing the official receipt.


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Chaplaincy, G/F, Block P, 130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
3949 4691
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Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:50pm