The Medical Social Service Department strives to provide patient- centred care services and to empower patients and their families along the disease journey with the ultimate goal of facilitating their reintegration into the community.

Our Service 

  1. Conduct comprehensive psychosocial assessment and identify areas of patient/ family needs for formulation of care plan.
  2. Provision of counseling services to enhance patient adjustment and coping in the face of the adversities arising from their illness and disabilities. 
  3. Provision of carer support services to strengthen the family support to the patients.  
  4. Management of acute crisis and practical issues during patient hospitalisation. 
  5. Multi- disciplinary collaboration to achieve integrated patient care and to improve rehabilitation outcomes.
  6. Formulation of pre-discharge planning to ensure safe patient discharge.
  7. Bridging the needy patients and families with corresponding community resources to facilitate community integration. 

Contact Us

Address: Medical Social Service Department, B1, Block S, United Christian Hospital
Telephone: 3949 4086

Service Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:45am-12:45pm, 1:45pm-5pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Sunday and public holiday: Closed